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Bum Rush Industries

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a wood- and video-working project by master mistakesman Hank Thompson

~ Quality Craftsmanship For Quality Poopsmanship ~


New videos are being released as they are edited.

Custom Balcony Workbench

Fed up with using an old rickety dresser as a workbench, our first build video series starts with a trip to the local big box store for lumber and glue.

The series highlights the challenges of building a workbench without a workbench with limited tools, knowledge and space.

No Talking Version

A more meditative experience without all that pesky personality:

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Minute Long Teaser

Safety Coner, a woodworking safety expertThe Elements, a racoon who can't help themselfHog, a hog and a verb


Bum Rush Industries is by Hank Thompson.

It combines Hank's creativity and resourcefulness with his video production and editing skills to make fun, informative videos about woodworking.

The videos document Hank's journey from overconfident beginner to overconfident beginner with scars on his hands as he converts his apartment balcony into a functioning woodworking shop and business. They highlight the challenges that arise during any woodworking project, from running out of band-aids to getting more band-aids.

Primarily using wood sourced from the curbs, trash bins, dumpsters and construction sites of Los Angeles, Bum Rush Industries is a passion project, a business and a statement of principles — that we must waste less and that there is beauty and value in discarded things, if only one is willing to put in the work and coax it out.

A long-term goal is to achieve financial sustainability by selling goods, making videos and hopefully support from a community of viewers.

Countless hours of footage have been filmed and await editing.

This site will be updated as we continue to progress.

More about Hank here.

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Coming soon!

We've been working really hard and are gearing up to launch our store on Etsy and/or directly through this site.

The first product will be a variety of handsome candle holders, which can be made from any piece of scrap bigger than a candle. Aside from honing techniques, the simplicity of candle holders gives us an opportunity to sort out the growing pains of running an e-commerce business.

Meanwhile, we're refining our design for The Bum Rush and are eager to be there with you when you make doodoo.

Someday there might be merch and we'll also be open to commissions.

Until the shop's ready, enjoy these nice photos:

16-inch candle holder centerpieceDouglas fir bi-level candle holderA beautiful knot on a candle holderWoodworking mallet with walnut wedgesBum Rush Industries toilet stool designMacro photo of plane shavingsHand plane shavings curled up into a flowerShavings curl for tiny skateboardsVise handle made from wood I found by a dumpster, inlay was in an old chair seat